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1. Eligible hunters must be signed in and have entry fee paid ($30 for adults or youth) by midnight Friday, October 29, 2021 (for Early Youth Weekend) and by midnight Friday, November 5, 2021 (for Adults & Youth). Hunters may sign in during the final hours at Maeker's Grocery, Highway 90-A in Shiner. Hunters may also enter on-line here.
2. Deer must be a whitetail buck killed during the general hunting season.
3. Eligible bucks must be killed in one of the following five Texas counties: Colorado, DeWitt, Fayette, Gonzales or Lavaca County, EXCEPT for Texas Open Categories.

Entries must be legal as defined by the General Gun Season regulations for a county. Deer harvested on MLD 2 & 3 properties will be allowed, but Special Antler Restrictions DO APPLY to these properties, i.e. harvested within the dates of the General Gun Season AND Special Antler Restrictions apply.
4. Bucks killed within a deer-proof fence or any other confined areas are not eligible to enter contest. Bucks that were EVER kept inside a pen for breeding purposes or any other reason are NOT allowed. Bucks that are tagged or tattooed breeding purposes are NOT allowed. Bucks cannot have been raised in a fenced-in area and released. Bucks considered tame, domesticated or pet are NOT allowed.
5. Bucks must be properly tagged according to Texas State Law when brought in for measurement. Hunter must present valid hunting license and contest entry card to the official measurer.
6. Except for the Late Youth-Only and Texas South Zone, measurement must be made within 24 hours of kill and no later than noon on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. For late Youth Weekend and Texas South Zone, no later than noon on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.
For measurement, the hunter must bring in the ENTIRE BODY of the field dressed animal to one of the official measurers. Hunters that kill a deer within Colorado, DeWitt, Fayette, Gonzales or Lavaca counties have the option of contacting a Shiner ABBC Official Measurer and requesting permission to clean the deer before official measurement. Measurement is still required within 24 hours of the kill, but in order to accommodate the hunter, they must contact the measurer and present him with a description of the animal, including number of points, estimated spread, tine lengths and time of kill. The measurer that provides permission to the hunter is the only one authorized to measure the deer, unless measurer passes authorization to another available Shiner ABBC Official Measurer.
1. Charlie Stein - 517 W. Runk, Shiner, (281) 798-0096
2. Justin Stein - 517 W. Runk, Shiner, (361) 401-1024
3. Mike Raindl - Boedeker Plastics, 904 W. 6th St, Shiner, (361) 293-1514
4. Frankie Mikes, Jr. - 90 CR 350, Shiner, (361) 401-1330
5. Jeremy Bludau - 108 Lay St, Hallettsville, (361) 798-6977
6. Jarrid Boehm - 1620 St. Paul, Gonzales, (830) 857-3658
7. Justin Wiese - Pohler Tire, 409 W. 5th St, Shiner, (361) 293-1980
8. Marty Boehm - 304 San Jacinto, Shiner, (361) 293-1716
9. Eric or Kimberly Gaus - 673 Kubala Store Rd, Yorktown, (361) 564-8696 or (361) 243-8696
10. David Pokluda - 112 6th St, Shiner, (361) 648-4104
11. Mickey Magnum - MG Inc, 210 East Post Office St, Weimar, (979) 733-4361
12. Ronnie Stock - 4062 FM 1579, Weimar, (979) 263-5556 or Cell (979) 732-1004
Winners are decided by the total score according to the contest's point system:
1. The total number of points.
No points will be counted that are less than 1" in length, no rounding allowed.
2. The width of the outside spread.
All measurements must be done from the main beam only.
3. A total of the two longest times off the main beam per side will be measured and scored.
A total of four tines will be measured, two per side.
The total numeric score will be the sum of 1, 2, and 3 above. That is, the sum of the total points, the outside width, and the four longest tines (two per side) equals the total score for the buck.
5. Tiebreakers will be determined by the longest tine.
In the case of a tie still remaining, the next longest tine of the four measured, and so forth, until a winner has been determined.

a. No points will be counted that are less than one (1") inch from its base.
b. All measurements are rounded off to the nearest 1/8 inch.
c. Broken points measuring less than the minimum length will not count.
d. If the main beam is broken, measurement will not include the detached portion of the antler.
e. If the main beams are moveable, measurement will be made at the narrowest point when the antlers are held in.
f. Once measured, a buck cannot be measured by another measurer unless authorized by the contest committee.
g. In the case of a tie, winners will be chosen by a drawing between the hunters whose scores are tied.
10. Hunters may be required to take a Polygraph test. A submission form authorizing a polygraph test must be signed by any registered hunter bringing in deer for measurement. If a youth, a parent or guardian must sign submission form. Failure to sign submission form, failure to submit to the polygraph exam, or failure of the polygraph exam results in disqualification.
11. Hunters attempting to cheat in the Area Big Buck Contest or violating Texas Game Laws are disqualified and barred from entering this contest for a period of time to be determined by the contest committee.
12. No more than one prize will be awarded to any registered hunter. A hunter's second buck is valid only if it outscores first buck.
13. Door prizes will be awarded only to contest entrants present at the Awards Banquet.
14. All decisions of the contest committee are final.

Texas Open Division of the ABBC
Hunters who registered in the Area Big Buck Contest are eligible to win a prize in the Texas Open Division. Qualifying winners in the "Texas Open Division" makes you ineligible to win a prize in the 5-county competition.

All rules of the ABBC apply to the Texas Open Division with these exceptions:
1. The deer must be a WHITETAIL buck killed in any Texas County except Colorado, DeWitt, Fayette, Gonzales or Lavaca counties. The buck must be killed during the regular hunting season of the specific county.
2. The entire body of the field dressed animal is not necessary when brought in for measurement. However, the head and enough of the cape for a shoulder mount must be intact. Sawed-off horns will NOT be counted.
3. Measurement must be made within 72 HOURS of kill and no later than noon on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 (for North Zone entries).
4. Measurement must be made within 72 HOURS of kill and no later than noon on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 (for South Zone entries).
5. North and South Zone hunting areas are as defined by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - Hunting Seasons by County.

NOTICE: By entering the contest, all entrants hereby grant permission to the Shiner Business Menís Club to use
photographs and/or video of the entrant, provided to the Shiner Area Big Buck Contest, in publications, news
releases, online, on social media and in other communications related to the marketing and public notifications
of the Shiner Area Big Buck Contest and current contest standings. See disclaimer and signature on entry form.

Remember: Any contestant may be required to take a polygraph test.

Current Standings • Contest Rules • Measurement LocationsPrizesFacebook Page
Big Buck Home Page

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